Reading Genres

As students record books in their reading logs, they are expected to categorize the books by genre.  Since many students are unfamiliar with this concept, they are introduced to each of the different categories during Reading Workshop mini-lessons.


Genre Posters

Below are pictures of the posters I created to help my students learn the genre definitions.  (Click on each poster for a larger view.)



Download PDF File



Download PDF File



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Name That Genre!

As we all know, students do not master concepts by simply memorizing definitions.  To apply their knowledge of the different genres, students were given genre cards and asked to hold them up as I introduced and described the features of pre-selected books from our classroom library.  This was necessary since they are required to add a genre code when recording books in their Reader's Notebook.







Download Genre Cards (PDF)  (Word)

(These will need to be cut in half)

Download Reading Log Sheet (PDF)

Download Genre Definition Chart (PDF)



Monthly Genre Graphs

During independent reading conferences, students set genre goals for themselves.  When the class is focusing on a certain genre in reading or writing workshop, I will encourage students to read more books in the specific genre we are studying.


Students use a Genre Tally Sheet in their Reader's Notebook to keep track of the different genres they read each month.  As we know, it is important for students to become well-rounded readers who read a variety of genres.

Download Blank Genre Tally Sheet (PDF)






At the end of each month, students create a Genre Graph.  These graphs are added to the Genre Section of their Reader's Notebook to help them reflect on and evaluate their reading growth throughout the school year.

Download Blank 0-5 Genre Graph (PDF)

Download Blank 0-10 Genre Graph (PDF)

Download Blank 0-20 Genre Graph (PDF)

Download Blank 0-30 Genre Graph (PDF)


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